Help merchants to manage VIP customers easily

Manage members' deposit, token payment, discounts, automatic billing and improve customer loyalty

Install LePay

1. LePay replaces the traditional physical vip membership card. LePay is an electronic membership card.

2. Merchants do not need to create a physical membership card for each customer. Customers do not need to carry a membership card each time they consume.

3. Customer prepays a certain amount to merchant. The merchant sends the customer LePay token. The customer becomes a VIP customer.

4. Customers send tokens and get VIP discounts when they consume.

5. The merchant does not need to manually record for each bill at each purchase. LePay automatically records each payment. The customer can see the balance at any time.

1. VIP Customer Prepay/Deposit and Discount Management

Many restaurant owners asked if we could help solve one problem: They have many loyal VIP customers who want to prepay/deposit money in advance, say, $1000 or $10000, etc., so they can enjoy discounts when they come to consume.
The solution is Lepay, which allows restaurants to manage the prepay/deposit their VIP customers. VIP customers can use LePay to deposit and make payment, so they can be distinguished from ordinary customers easily, and this solves the discount issue as well. VIP customers do not need to take a card, and there is no need for restaurants to buy special software to keep track of customers' spending. LePay will do it for you.

2. Increase Customer Loyalty

Guest loyalty plays a decisive role in the success of the restaurant. How to keep customers coming back is always a challenge that restaurants have to face. Encourage customers to use LePay, which not only provides convenience to customers, reduces transaction costs for restaurants, but more importantly increases customers' loyalty. Customers who purchase Tokens from a restaurant tend to come back frequently. According to statistics, the use of gift cards/tokens can significantly increase sales volumes. If you offer a discount, customers' loyalty will increase. If customers continue to come back, then you no longer need to worry about your business.

3. Convenient Payment

Convenient and secure payment is always welcome by customers. Both cash and credit cards have safety risks and inconvenient for use. People sometimes don't have enough cash and forget to bring a credit card. LePay runs on the phone and it is easy to use, and phone is a must-have for everyone, so it's convenient and fast.

LePay also has the following advantages:

*The transaction can be done instantly
*Opening LePay account does not check your credit history/scores, you can open an account in 1 minute.
*LePay runs on the mobile phone and does not require a card, which is more convenient.